What Are They Saying? Recapping A Big Visitor Weekend At Florida State
(Photo via: Dane Draper)

What Are They Saying? Recapping A Big Visitor Weekend At Florida State

We Caught Up With Several 2023 Recruits After FSU’s Big Recruiting Weekend

Here’s What They Had To Say:

Four-star 2023 OL Rod Kearney 

“It was awesome. The coaches showed me a lot, so I had a good time. It was just the energy that they gave off. I liked the way they greeted me. They all greeted me with respect. I liked the way the coaches kept it real with me.” 

“They’re definitely at the top for me. This really just made them higher than they already were. I don’t really have a list right now but as of now, they’re No. 1 on my list.” 

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2023 WR Keyon Brown 

Received his first offer during the visit from Florida State. 

“It’s my dream school. I always wanted to come to Florida State when I was a kid.” 

(Photo: Dane Draper)

Four-star 2023 OL Lucas Simmons 

Said FSU is standing out the most of any school recruiting him right now. 

“They’re just keeping it real. That’s what makes them stand out from others. When you talk to them, they’ll tell you straight up that they won’t be your best friend every day, but they’re still trying to do what’s best for you.” 

Four-star 2023 WR Adam Hopkins 

“I love it. Every time I come up here it feels like family. When I come up here, they show love to me and I show love back. I’m just 30 minutes away, so I come here every time I get the chance. It’s always a good experience.” 

Said FSU was his top school “right now.”  

Four-star 2023 WR Tyler Williams 

“Today was a great day. I got to talk to all the coaches. It was a good environment and I got to see the school. I feel like it’d be a great opportunity. Hopefully I’ll be back up soon over the next couple of weeks.” 

“I feel good (about FSU). I could say they’re recruiting me harder than any other schools right now.” 

Four-star 2023 DB Makari Vickers 

“With FSU, I didn’t really put them into perspective, because I didn’t want to stay home, but now that I’m coming back, getting on campus again kind of sparked me to put them in consideration to stay home.” 

2023 RB Jeremiah Cobb 

“It was amazing. I loved everything about it – the coaching staff. It was really fun.” 

“The coaching staff is so close like a family. It was amazing.” 


(Photo: Dane Draper)

Four-star 2024 RB commit Kam Davis 

“It’s the energy that they give off and the dedication that they give tp the players. The coaches – they want to give the players the best opportunity that they can get to become better men and players on the field.” 

 -Dane Draper