State of the CLIMB: They’ve Fallen and They Can’t Get Up
Photo by Brian Bishop/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

State of the CLIMB: They’ve Fallen and They Can’t Get Up

Here We Go Again

Hey there, it’s me again. The guy that probably over-used the mountain/CLIMB references last week when talking about this FSU Football program. As you can see, I’ve decided to double down on this and write a weekly update on Mike Norvell and Florida State’s “CLIMB.”

Last week, I talked about how this team had fallen and broke their leg, waiting on ski patrol to come to find them. Well—- I don’t think anyone is coming, any time soon. Like the title of this article and the very dated 80’s reference states, the program has fallen and they can’t get up.

The home loss to Jacksonville State was bad enough and probably the worst of the two results in the last two games but the loss at Wake Forest shows just how far the program has—- wait for it—- fallen. Wake has been a very solid program since the arrival of head coach Dave Clawson but that doesn’t make the loss to a university that puts about as much emphasis on football as I do scrolling TikTok—- that’s none at all by the way.

Changing the Outlook

Okay, so aside from the cute references to climbing what more is there to say about the current state of this football team and program? Well, there are still nine games left to play. You cannot forego those and play for 2022, those games will take place. While it’s unfortunate to be in this position, there are still few ways to still enjoy watching the ‘Noles play in 2022.

For starters, you’re looking for fight and competitiveness. You’re looking for players that play all four quarters, regardless of the score, and never show quit. Those are pillars that you can build around. When a house is crumbling  around you, it’s these kinds of bricks that you can always rebuild with.

You’re also looking for youth and the potential of that. You can’t afford to go full-on in this direction, you’ve brought in numerous transfers that haven’t worked out which was always going to potentially end up with misses. You also have veterans that have received numerous opportunities under multiple staffs and it’s probably time for an influx of the young guys from your previous recruiting class. A mix of all three is something we likely see going forward.

Finally, you’re looking for growth. The term incremental growth—- that I probably use too often— is exactly what you’re looking for. Not a big play here and there but consistent play from all phases of the game. It may not result in more wins but can this team get lined up correctly? Can they get out of their way by not committing boneheaded penalties? Can the offensive line take the necessary steps to at least give their quarterbacks a fighting chance? You’re looking for the answers to these questions, it’s the only way to get excited about where Florida State is headed.

Not just the players but this coaching staff as well. There’s plenty of growing to do for the guys wearing the headsets. Can they put them in better situations to succeed? A better game plan with the ability to adjust? Again, questions that can only be answered over the next nine games.

What Next?

I’ll end on this because I’ve already gone long enough, if somehow… some way… this team pulls a win at home on Saturday then it should be treated like a big darn deal. When you’re down in the doldrums, any win is significant. However, winning is no longer the reason to watch. Go root them on and look for the signs of life.

Don’t forget that help is on the way— we hope. This top 10 recruiting class still seems to be locked in, for now at least. This Instagram comment from the #1 player in the nation, Travis Hunter should provide some hope.

Where are we on this climb? I would say that FSU is Mufasa hanging off the side with a stampede of wildebeests underneath. We just have to hope that Louisville isn’t Scar.

— Settle