Staff Way-Too-Early 2022 Schedule Prediction
Dec 31, 2019; El Paso, Texas, USA; The Arizona State Sun Devils and the Florida State Seminoles helmets are seen before the Sun Bowl game. Mandatory Credit: Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Staff Way-Too-Early 2022 Schedule Prediction

With the 2022 football schedule released, the DFNS staff shares their way-too-early predictions on the upcoming season.

Bryan Hathaway: 8-4.

“Norvell has Florida State climbing through the 2022 schedule, further solidifying his vision for the program, and earning back trust amongst local and national pundits on his tenure in Tallahassee. The ‘Noles will win most games they should in 2022, and snatch a few coin toss games while they’re at it.”

Mike Ferguson: 7-5.

“Duquesne, Georgia Tech and reigning Sun Belt champion Louisiana at home are three games that FSU SHOULD win in 2022. Aside from those three, the rest of the schedule is full of contests that could go either way. FSU’s two biggest rivals, Miami and Florida, are each in transition years, so it’s hard to know what to expect. The Seminoles do open October with a rough stretch that features the three best teams in the ACC Atlantic from 2021, but two are at home. FSU needs to find a way to win at least one of those. Fans in Tallahassee should be ecstatic with 8-4 or better. 6-6 however still seems more likely than 8-4.”

Dane Draper: 7-5.

“I agree entirely with Mike (Ferguson). I feel like that’s the most rational answer right now while we haven’t even seen spring and still have more spots for transfers. I also think people are overreacting to a 7-5 record without understanding that it’s a difficult schedule for where we are as a program. Give us Miami’s schedule and that projection is at least a win higher.”

Ed Kennedy: 8-4.

“When I look at this schedule, and the situation many of these teams find themselves in, I can’t help but feel optimistic for FSU’s chances to succeed in the 2022 campaign. The intangible stars are seemingly aligned for a run. Duquesne, Georgia Tech, and Louisiana are essentially auto-wins. At Syracuse should be close to an automatic. Then, I look at first-year head coach situations at LSU, Miami, Florida, and see an opportunity to garner wins over rivals while the coaches install their systems in their first years. A BYE week before going to Louisville is a nice perk, Boston College at home in September is another opportunity. Even the toughest stretch (WF at home, NC State away, Clemson at home) can be viewed as an opportunity, as Clemson will have new coordinators and other staff that can be taken advantage of and Wake Forest should take a step back this season. I can’t allow the homer in me to predict anything better than 8-4, but consider me an optimist.”

Harlan Harris: 8-4.

“Looking at FSU’s 2022 schedule I think there were some favors done for FSU (surprisingly). If your worst stretch is WF, NC State, and Clemson… I can live with that. When I go game by game I came out at 7.45 wins for the year. I will go with 8-4. With 7-5 being the floor for my satisfaction with being 3 years in… 3 wins, to 5 wins, to 6 wins doesn’t do it for me. 8-4 and another win over UM.”

Mike Settle: 8-4.

“I’m going with 8-4 on the high end of things. Wins and losses happen for a reason, if this staff can get to 8 wins it’s a sign that things are trending upward and they’ll be sticking around. You can probably get by with a 7-5 record but those 5 losses need to all be competitive and they need to be against teams that have more talented rosters than FSU does currently. Anything less and it’s time for major hot seat discussions.”

Shawn Lawson: 8-4.

“I like 8-4 myself. I think we pick up a few of those close one-possession games we couldn’t finish last year. I think with the confidence we built towards the end of the season, and the adversity this team faced, I look for us to, ‘find ways to win.'”

Richard Barnes: 7-5.

“February is beyond too early to give any sort of an educated guess but this is a money year for Mike Norvell and anything less would be a disaster.”

TJ Pittinger: 12-0.

“F**k all that above. 12-0. Book your hotels in CLT.”

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-Ed Kennedy