DFNS Staff 2022 Football Predictions: Miami
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DFNS Staff 2022 Football Predictions: Miami

The 2022 season is here, and with it come staff predictions! FSU versus Miami, who will win?

After overwhelming Georgia Tech, Florida State ended the month of October with a victory. With bowl eligibility within reach, the Seminoles shift their focus to the brewing storm in South Florida. Miami, barely able to muster a 14-12 victory over a terrible UVA team in quadruple OT, is prepping for their Super Bowl in a rental stadium. Will Florida State secure its second win in a row against the Canes?

Our staff shares their thoughts.

Some Notes

Florida State fans must wait to see whether starters like Treshaun Ward and Jazston Turnetine return in this matchup against Miami. Others like Winston Wright Jr. have yet to see the field after being injured during the off-season. FSU has already lost Bless Harris, Kayden Lyles, and Stephen Dix Jr. to season-ending injuries.

The Seminoles are optimistic that the injuries (outside of season-ending injuries) aren’t severe and that many of these players will return to the rotation soon (potentially as soon as this weekend).

Double Fries No Slaw Staff Predictions:


Prediction: TJ gives his thoughts at the 34:24 mark, you can listen to his prediction below.

Score: FSU 31 – UM 17


Prediction: Richie gives his thoughts at the 32:28 mark, you can listen to his prediction below.

Score: FSU 35 – UM 20


Prediction: Harlan gives his thoughts at the 33:13 mark, you can listen to his prediction below.

Score: FSU 42 – UM 21


Prediction: “Nobody deserves a butt whipping more than Miami and I think FSU puts it on then the first half. Now… second-half fuller is what worries me. FSU outlasts them.”

Score: FSU 28 – UM 24


Prediction: “Miami has not displayed anything this season that would lead me to believe they have any shot at pulling the upset. Additionally, while FSU is getting healthy, Miami is fading, sustaining injuries that suck any momentum out of them. FSU continues the winning streak.”

Score: FSU 41 – UM 13

Mike F

Prediction: “For FSU to finish 2022 strong and be happy with its season, Saturday’s contest is a must-win. Expect Miami to give a stellar effort, but the Seminoles are simply a more complete team.”

Score: FSU 27 – UM 20


Prediction: “Can FSU make the basic plays they are expected to make? Can they stay within themselves and not get caught up in the rivalry and commit boneheaded penalties? If so, FSU wins big… if not, they still win a much closer game.”

Score: FSU 41 – UM 17

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-Ed Kennedy

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