DFNS Staff 2022 Football Predictions: LSU

DFNS Staff 2022 Football Predictions: LSU

The 2022 season is here, and with it come staff predictions! FSU versus LSU, who will win?

The Seminoles took care of business against Duquesne. Now, they turn their attention to their Labor Day matchup: the LSU tigers. FSU makes its way to New Orleans for this neutral site game.

Our staff shares their thoughts.

Some Notes

Linebacker Amari Gainer is listed as likely being out for this game. With that said, the starting lineup is in full force. Additionally, Maurice Smith is listed as the starter at center, and Darius Washington avoided the scare after leaving early against Duquesne. Johnny Wilson also had a scare against Duquesne but is listed in the starting lineup at wide receiver. Omarion Cooper was held out of the matchup against Duquesne as a precaution but is expected to be a go against LSU at the corner position.

Our very own TJ Pittinger also shared a nugget on the status of wide receiver Winston Wright:

Double Fries No Slaw Staff Predictions:


Prediction: TJ gives his thoughts at the 49:38 mark.

Score: FSU 27 – LSU 24


Prediction: Richie gives his thoughts at the 48:20 mark.

Score: FSU 24 – LSU 21


Prediction: Harlan gives his thoughts at the 48:00 mark, see all three predictions here:

Score: FSU 24 – LSU 21


Prediction: “We lose and I won’t pick us for another game, haha but I’m 1-0 so I’ve gotta not change anything. This goes to OT. Plus, Mike  isn’t wearing a polo tucked into wind pants so far this year so my hopes are up.”

Score: FSU 31 – LSU 28


Prediction: “LSU has talent, and Brian Kelly is undeniably a great coach. With that said, I’ve seen this show before. A first-year head coach taking over a talented but broken locker room coaching a high-profile and disciplined team? The game is in New Orleans, not Baton Rouge. 30,000 FSU tickets were sold for a stadium with a maximum capacity of 64,000. This is hardly a true home atmosphere (probably closer to 60-40 LSU fans to FSU fans). I have had this game circled, and think in their game one (where we’ve already played a tune-up), the game falls perfectly in FSU’s favor to pull the upset.”

Score: FSU 27 – LSU 20

Mike F

Prediction: “Mike Norvell’s offense has had a decent amount of success against Brian Kelly-coached teams the last couple of seasons and will again on Sunday. Having this one in New Orleans, however, will be just enough to put LSU over the edge.”

Score: FSU 27 – LSU 30

Mike S

Prediction: “There’s a lot of areas where LSU has an advantage in talent but FSU has the advantage in experience. The ‘Noles already have a game under their belt and this is the first game at LSU for Brian Kelly and his staff. Both offensive lines could struggle but I trust Atkins to draw up ways to get these FOUR running backs involved. I think both QBs will use their legs to make it interesting but I think Jordan Travis hits enough big plays down the field to make the difference.”

Score: FSU 24 – LSU 21


Prediction: “I’ll take the heat, and I hope I am wrong! I’m saying we get 2 TDs and 2 FGs.”

Score: FSU 20 – LSU 28

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-Ed Kennedy