DFNS Staff 2022 Football Predictions: Louisiana
Photo by Cody Junot

DFNS Staff 2022 Football Predictions: Louisiana

The 2022 season is here, and with it come staff predictions! FSU versus Louisiana, who will win?

The Seminoles, after securing a resounding road win against the Syracuse Orangemen, return home for their final two-game stretch. Before facing their rival to end the season, the Seminoles get a tune-up game in the form of the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns. Louisiana, at 5-5 on the season, is sorely missing their former head coach Billy Napier. While not a foe to be taken lightly, the Seminoles are eager to earn their eighth win in Doak.

Our staff shares their thoughts.

Some Notes

Florida State fans must wait to see whether players like Winston Wright Jr. hit the field after being injured during the off-season. FSU has already lost Bless Harris, Kayden Lyles, and Stephen Dix Jr. to season-ending injuries. The good news is that Florida State is as healthy as they’ve been entering this matchup all season.

Double Fries No Slaw Staff Predictions:


Prediction: “FSU comes out slow and gets caught looking ahead to UF. They struggle but ultimately come out on top.” TJ gives his thoughts at the 34:37 mark, you can listen to his prediction below.

Score: FSU 48 – UL 10


Prediction: Richie gives his thoughts at the 33:59 mark, you can listen to his prediction below.

Score: FSU 34 – UL 10


Prediction: “I’m STILL riding high off that Miami beat down. Combo that with the GT blowout and Syracuse blowout…” Harlan gives his thoughts at the 33:50 mark, you can listen to his prediction below.

Score: FSU 42 – UL 17


Prediction: “All three strings get that shutout.”

Score: FSU 41 – 0 UL


Prediction: “This is not a team that ever looks ahead. Their focus is always on the opponent they’re facing. Louisiana doesn’t stand a chance against this squad.”

Score: FSU 52 – UL 17

Mike F

Prediction: “After two big ACC wins for FSU, don’t be surprised if Louisiana sticks around longer than it should. The Ragin’ Cajuns keep it closer than Miami but not close.”

Score: FSU 48 – UL 17


Prediction: “Mike knows that this is/can be a trap game for the team. I think he draws up some very high-percentage plays to get the team going and into a groove. Slants, outs, and JT’s legs get this team out to an early dominant lead in the first half. I look for the Cajuns to play hard with nothing to lose and score a few points.”

Score: FSU 52 – UL 10

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-Ed Kennedy