DFNS Staff 2022 Football Predictions: Duquesne
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DFNS Staff 2022 Football Predictions: Duquesne

The 2022 season is here, and with it come staff predictions! Florida State versus Duquesne, who will win?

After a long offseason, college football is BACK! To kick off Week 0, Florida State plays host to the Duquesne Dukes. The Seminoles are looking for their first win in game one of the season since 2016.

Our staff shares their thoughts.

Some Notes

The Seminoles have suffered a few injuries heading into the season opener. Still, only a few of these injuries are considered season-ending—redshirt sophomore LB Stephen Dix Jr., redshirt senior C Kayden Lyles, and walk-on RB CJ Campbell. The remaining few injuries reported on the roster are expected to return to play soon. The team, for the most part, remains healthy entering their first game.

Double Fries No Slaw Staff Predictions:


Prediction: TJ gives his thoughts at the 45:14 mark, see them here:

Score: FSU 59 – Duquesne 0


Prediction: Richie gives his thoughts at the 46:13 mark, see them here:

Score: FSU 52 – Duquesne 6


Prediction: “If this game ends up being played a full 4 quarters, look for an FSU vs Maryland 2013.”

Score: FSU 63 – Duquesne 0


Prediction: “I’ll be at the game and I was at Jacksonville State. Does that matter? Maybe but I have high hopes for this team.”

Score: FSU 38 – Duquesne 17


Prediction: “I don’t need FSU to blow Duquesne out to know this team could be the one to turn things around… but I’d sure love it if they did!”

Score: FSU 51 – Duquesne 13

Mike F

Prediction: “Last season, FSU lost at home to an FCS team for the first time. Last season, Duquesne knocked off an FBS team on the road when it went to Ohio and knocked off the Bobcats. Does history repeat itself on Saturday? Yes — from all the times before last season.”

Score: FSU 52 – Duquesne 10

Mike S

Prediction: “This game has no business being played but it will be so I might as well watch. I think some of the new transfers on offense shine and the young guys get valuable reps.”

Score: FSU 45 – Duquesne 6


Prediction: “You can’t win them all unless you win the first…”

Score: FSU 52 – Duquesne 3

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-Ed Kennedy