DFNS Staff 2021 Football Predictions: Wake Forest
Akeem Dent (Photo: Mitch White)

DFNS Staff 2021 Football Predictions: Wake Forest

The 2021 Season is here, and with it come staff predictions! Florida State versus Wake Forest, who will win?

The Seminoles are coming off a shocking upset loss to Jacksonville State, a game most had set in stone as a victory. Now, they have no choice but to enter ACC play at an unexpected 0-2 on the season. Wake Forest, meanwhile, is coming off convincing victories against Old Dominion and Norfolk State. It is difficult to say whether Wake Forest is as talented offensively and defensively as their final scores indicate, but unquestionably Mike Norvell has his team standing at the edge of the abyss for the 2021 season.

This is a must-win situation to keep the season afloat. Are the ‘Noles as good as people thought when we watched them compete against Notre Dame? Or are they as flat as they appeared against Jacksonville State? Our staff weighs in.

Some Notes:

Since our Wake Forest Opponent Preview, there are very few notes of significance coming into the matchup this Saturday, save that Wake Forest has a couple of players out with injuries. Terrance Davis (OL) and Nick Anderson (DB) are both close to returning, but will not participate in the game versus FSU.

FSU dismissed OG Dontae Lucas from the football team since the JSU game, so Zane Herring moved up the depth chart to fill this void. Additionally, while FSU has one new season-ending injury in Freshman DE Byron Turner, they also return WR Ontaria Wilson to the rotation and expect both Maurice Smith (C) and Robert Scott (LT) to return for this game after both sustained slight injuries in their games against Notre Dame & Jacksonville State, respectively.

Double Fries No Slaw Staff Predictions:


Prediction: TJ gives his thoughts at the 34:05 mark, see it here:

Score: 24-35, WF


Prediction: Richie gives his thoughts at the 34:41 mark, see it here:

Score: 34-31, FSU


Prediction: “There’s no way the ‘Noles lose on my wedding day. They would never do that to me. I think Milton finds his groove and we feed Corbin like we should have been this whole time.”

Score: 41-31, FSU


Prediction: “It honestly doesn’t matter how I feel about it. I picked FSU twice and we lost twice. I need to change it up.”

Score: 24-35, WF


Prediction: “Back’s against the wall, Mike is coaching for his career at FSU. I don’t think he makes the fatal mistake Willie did in the same situation two seasons ago.”

Score: 31-24, FSU


Prediction: “That’s right, I said it. ‘Noles get the win. The game is won in the trenches by the defensive line and I think the offense comes in with a better game plan. Also, I’m tired of this losing let’s stop this.”

Score: 27-20, FSU


Prediction: “Notre Dame was the guy in the crow’s nest on the Titanic spotting the iceberg. Jacksonville State was the ship plowing into the iceberg. Wake Forest is the band playing in solidarity to comfort folks as the ship sinks.”

“It doesn’t matter if you lose by an inch or a mile. Losing is losing.” – Dom Norvell

Score: 23-24, WF


Prediction: “It pains me. I hope I’m wrong.”

Score: 10-27,  WF


Prediction: “It’s just so difficult to know. I hope they perform better.”

Score: 21-38, WF


Prediction: “First ACC game, time to try.”

Score: 38-31, FSU

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-Ed Kennedy