DFNS Staff 2021 Football Predictions: UNC
Marvin Wilson blocks a punt (Photo: wlpearce)

DFNS Staff 2021 Football Predictions: UNC

The 2021 Season is here, and with it come staff predictions! Florida State versus UNC, who will win?

The Seminoles earned a much-needed win against Syracuse this past weekend and now must hit the road for Chapel Hill. North Carolina is the Coastal contender to beat, despite a lackluster and underwhelming start to their 2021 campaign. Sam Howell and Mack Brown, roiling after their upset loss to Florida State this past season, have no intention of looking past the ‘Noles in this home series. Will FSU be able to pull the upset two seasons in a row?

Our staff shares their thoughts.

Some Notes:

North Carolina is having some injuries along the offensive line, specifically at the center position. This is affecting their communication along the line, as well as sustaining options for Sam Howell to make the correct reads. This does have an impact on offensive performance as the receiver and running back positions both are depleted from this past season. With a lack of cohesion on offense, it is Sam Howell who runs this ship. Dictate the line, and you can dictate the offense.

DT Dennis Briggs is out for the remainder of the season for the ‘Noles. Injured during the Louisville game, the announcement came this past Monday. Dennis Briggs was listed in the starting rotation along the defensive front for FSU.

Double Fries No Slaw Staff Predictions:


Prediction: TJ gives his thoughts at the 24:03 mark, see it here:

Score: 28-41, UNC


Prediction: Richie gives his thoughts at the 25:30 mark, see it here:

Score: 20-41, UNC


Prediction: “I don’t see our secondary being able to keep Howell and these UNC pass-catchers off the board very often. I had this same prediction last year… let’s see how this turns out.”

Score: 21-45, UNC


Prediction: “My score predictions worked for Syracuse so I’m going to stick with it going into this week. Sure would love another miracle like last year though.”

Score: 23-72, UNC


Prediction: “I had a gut feeling in 2020 that FSU would somehow manage the upset against UNC after playing a very competitive game versus Notre Dame the week before. I’m not having that same gut instinct this season, unfortunately. I’m trusting my gut.”

Score: 27-38, UNC


Prediction: “The defensive line is the MVP of this game. Getting to Howell a few times. Offense scores from bad tackling that we’ve seen from UNC all season. Mack Brown is still winless against his Alma Mater. Also, UNC is the fraud I knew they would be. That offensive line stinks and their defense doesn’t scare me at all. FSU stinks but UNC is not what everyone (but me) thought it would be. Just can’t pick Mack beating FSU until I see it happen even if they should. We got a fluke win last year, let’s run it back!”

Score: 30-24, FSU


Prediction: “Sam Howell and Ty Chandler will be too much for FSU’s defense to handle, and Mack Brown will finally get his first W against his Alma Mater.”

Score: 28-38, UNC


Prediction: “I think maybe we will pull a good performance out the bag.”

Score: 30-33, UNC


Prediction: “Sam Howell University.”

Score: 24-52, UNC

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-Ed Kennedy