DFNS Staff 2021 Football Predictions: UF
Defense (Photo: Susan Erdelyi)

DFNS Staff 2021 Football Predictions: UF

The 2021 Season is here, and with it come staff predictions! Florida State versus the University of Florida, who will win?

It all comes down to this game. Florida State… Florida… one of the historic rivalries in all of College Football. These sibling institutions have been brawling for generations. The rivalry is real, and so are the post-season stakes. The winner of this game will make a bowl game, while the loser likely stays home this post-season. With Dan Mullen fired at UF, while Mike Norvell has the ‘Noles rolling after winning five of their last seven games, these are two programs seemingly heading in opposite directions.

Setting the tone for recruiting the state of Florida, selling the vision of this CLIMB back to the top, and straight-up bragging rights are all on the line as the Seminoles travel south to Gainesville, FL to face the Gators in the Swamp.

Our staff shares their thoughts.

Some Notes

There are obviously significant developments on the Gator front, as their head coach was fired after their upset OT loss to Mizzou on the road. It is unknown how losing the head coach will affect the will of this UF team to fight in this game, as they’ve been known to quit in games the latter half of this season. Furthermore, reports have come out that starting QB Emory Jones has sustained a potential season-ending injury during practice this week. What doesn’t help their case is that QB Anthony Richardson is reportedly not 100% healthy either. While all indications are that Anthony and third-string QB Carlos Del Rio-Wilson will be taking first-team snaps to practice this week, it remains a huge unknown who specifically will be starting as Anthony Richardson has been held out of games this past month supposedly due to the injury, and speculation is that Emory could still potentially get the starting nod even with the injury.

On FSU’s front, it appears that the team is, by-and-large, healthy. The one significant question mark is the status of Darius Washington. He’s day-by-day at the moment, with a final decision likely coming at the final hour this Saturday. While DLT and Gibbons are both banged up, they are expected to start this Saturday.

Double Fries No Slaw Staff Predictions:


Prediction: TJ gives his thoughts at the 55:39 mark, see it here:

Score: 42-20, FSU


Prediction: Richie gives his thoughts at the 54:40 mark, see it here:

Score: 34-23, FSU


Prediction: “If Emory Jones starts this game mark me down as an FSU win by double digits. However, I think the interim coach for UF will start the correct QB here in Anthony Richardson which makes this game very hard to read. The interest in actually playing this Saturday for the Gators should be something to watch. A quick start for the ‘Noles and the Gators might quit altogether. Give me the ‘Noles by two, BOWL BOUND!”

Score: 37-35, FSU


Prediction: “I just hope… That’s all, I just… Hope.”

Score: 27-24, FSU


Prediction: “While I’m known to usually be the eternal optimist, I can’t help but shake the feeling UF is going to show up for this game with the Dan Mullen firing behind this team. If UF plays to their potential and actually chooses to show up for this game, it could be a fight. That’s what rivalries are all about, after all. If they fight with pride, the field advantage should tilt the game towards a UF win.”

Score: 33-35, UF


Prediction: “FSU.”

Score: 34-24, FSU


Prediction: “FSU.”

Score: 33-30, FSU


Prediction: “FSU.”

Score: 31-28, FSU


Prediction: “FSU.”

Score: 38-34, FSU

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-Ed Kennedy