DFNS Staff 2021 Football Predictions: Notre Dame
Keyshawn Helton (Photo: Bill Pearce)

DFNS Staff 2021 Football Predictions: Notre Dame

The 2021 Season is here, and with it come staff predictions! Notre Dame versus Florida State, who will win?

Sunday night, primetime, Osceola will storm the field of Doak Campbell Stadium and plant his flaming spear. This is a declaration of war against the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. In what figures to be a near sellout crowd in the stands, the warchant will be reminiscent of seasons past. This game is what College Football is all about, and Mike Norvell knows it. This will be his first experience charging onto Bobby Bowden field, his team in tow, with this atmosphere. It will be the biggest home opener of his career to date, and could define what’s to come of the 2021 season.

Some Notes:

Since the Notre Dame Opponent Preview, a couple developments have occurred. Jack Coan has been named the starting quarterback against Florida State, and starting LB Marist Liufau sustained a season ending injury. This is a critical blow to the Notre Dame secondary, which was counting on his veteran experience and packaged formations to keep the FSU offense on it’s toes.

Conversely, FSU has sustained no season-ending or even any injuries of significance the entire Fall camp. Furthermore, Mike Norvell has yet to even name his starting quarterback, and likely will refrain from doing so until kickoff on Sunday.

Double Fries No Slaw Staff Predictions:


Prediction: TJ gives his thoughts at the 43:41 mark, see it here:

Score: 38-28, ND


Prediction: Richie gives his thoughts at the 42:36 mark, see it here:

Score: 31-24, ND


Prediction: “Close competitive game through three quarters. I think the ND run game wears down the defense late and pulls away in the 4th.”

Score: 31-17, ND


Prediction: “Norte Lame sucks but FSU sucks a little more. Unlike your dating life, this isn’t gonna be fixed over one night. A step in the right direction but, also like your dating life, gonna need a few more dogs.”

Score: 34-23, ND


Prediction: “Florida State will prove their point on the field this Sunday. I’m confident in this coaching staff, and the trajectory of the program. That all being said, they don’t have the pieces (yet) to top a Notre Dame team that simply has too-sound a foundation already in place, even if they are replacing a lot of parts.”

Score: 31-28, ND


Prediction: “I think the lack of depth is too much to overcome and FSU just isn’t ready in the trenches. ‘Noles keep it close but a late FG makes it a two score loss.”

Score: 34-24, ND


Prediction: “FSU may be a program heading in the right direction, but it’s still going to be a long journey. QB1, Jordan Travis, will make some things happen, but in the end, the Irish will be too much.”

Score: 38-23, ND


Prediction: “FSU”

Score: 27-24, FSU


Prediction: “Notre Dame unfortunately.”

Score: 20-17, ND


Prediction: “Catholics :/”

Score: 35-24, ND

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-Ed Kennedy