A Life That Is Lived By Service
(Photo via: Dillan Gibbons)

A Life That Is Lived By Service

Dillan Gibbons didn’t come to Florida State expecting to be an immediate fan favorite.

However, with the new Name, Image, and Likeness rules that went into effect earlier this month he became one. Gibbons used his platform to set up a GoFundMe for Timothy Donovan.

You probably know the story by now, but a quick recap:

Timothy was born with VACTERL and later diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth, which impacts the nerves in his hands and feet. Because of the pandemic in 2020 and Timothy’s medical condition, he couldn’t make it to any Notre Dame games to see Dillan play.

So, Dillan set up the GoFundMe with the new NIL rules, and has raised nearly $50,000 for Timothy’s family. They’ll use the first part of what’s been donated for tickets, travel, etc. and get to see FSU play Notre Dame on Labor Day weekend. But, the excess will be used for Timothy’s medical bills.

(Photo via: Paula Donovan)

I asked Coach Norvell about Dillan using his platform to help Timothy.

Coach Norvell answered questions all day about COVID-19, vaccination percentages, QB battles, the transfer portal, and more. All of those questions and topics are certainly expected and why a football coach comes to a media type event like the ACC Kickoff.

But, his demeanor seemed to change when he spoke about Dillan. Sure, Coach Norvell enjoys talking about an ‘offense built for playmakers’. I am certain he enjoys discussing his successes in the transfer portal and how he’s working to make that transition to the football field.

But there was something different about the way he answered when he was asked about what one of his players did for someone else, off of the football field.


Norvell commented that service was one of the key values that the FSU Football program has. He said that Dillan gave of himself  to help impact others. “There’s a lot of people out there that just focus on one individual, and that’s themselves. Then, there’s a select few that are willing to look beyond.”

A Legendary Comparison

Norvell then said something that would strike any Seminole (or College Football) fan to the core. He compared Dillan to Coach Bobby Bowden.

“Today we’ve talked a lot about Coach Bowden,” Norvell remarked, “And that approach. A life that is lived by service. You see Dillan who is a newcomer into the program and you talk about ‘the right fit’ and what we’re looking for. He’s a young man who has talent on the field. But, he’s also got talent off the field and I think that was a tremendous example of it.”

A Quick Few Months

In just a few short months, Gibbons has turned into that fan favorite we spoke about. He’s drawn comparisons to the most important figure in Florida State Football history. He’s filling a massive area of need on the football field. He’s gained the respect of not only ‘Nole Nation, but all of the sports world. It’s all happened in under 100 days.

Help Out Here:

You can contribute to the cause to help out here. It’s a worthwhile contribution and really something I’d encourage all of you reading this to do.


We’re excited for the Fall. We’re excited to see the ‘Noles back on the field. We’re excited to have a full stadium against Notre Dame on Labor Day weekend.

But, most of all, we are excited about guys like Dillan building back the culture of Florida State for years and years to come.


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