DFNS Staff 2021 Football Predictions: Louisville
Marvin Wilson (Photo: Susan Erdelyi)

DFNS Staff 2021 Football Predictions: Louisville

The 2021 Season is here, and with it come staff predictions! Florida State versus Louisville, who will win?

The season is taking a nosedive as FSU is coming off yet another loss against the Demon Deacons. While playing back in Doak, the Seminoles enter their weekend matchup 0-3. The last time the ‘Noles were 0-3 on the season was 1976.

Unfortunately for FSU, they will play against a hot Louisville team that just upset the UCF Knights. Mike Norvell needs to figure out a way to win these games or face the stark reality of losing his team and the confidence of the fanbase. The reality, however, could be that his squad has already passed that threshold.

Our staff provides their thoughts.

Some Notes:

A relatively significant update on FSU’s roster is the possibility that Jordan Travis is a bit banged up. He is currently questionable to play against Louisville. While KZ is listed as the starter, tentatively the backup quarterback at this time is redshirt freshman Chubba Purdy. We should expect new looks under center this game. On the flip side, Mike Norvell does expect Maurice Smith and Robert Scott back this weekend, although they’re still listed as questionable at this time. Returning the starting depth along the offensive line should return the offensive production last seen against Notre Dame.

On the Louisville front, there is some speculation that Monty Montgomery (LB) may have sustained a season-ending injury. This is pure speculation, however, the staff at Louisville are keeping quiet on the status at this time.

Double Fries No Slaw Staff Predictions:


Prediction: TJ gives his thoughts at the 33:14 mark, see it here:

Score: 21-34, UL


Prediction: Richie gives his thoughts at the 32:23 mark, see it here:

Score: 20-37, UL


Prediction: “After what I’ve seen thus far this year I’m not sure I could even pick a score for Louisville. They can score as often as they want to. We lost to Jacksonville State.”

Score: 23-∞, UL


Prediction: “Until Florida State can prove they can win a game, how can I pick them to win one? It’s the same story year after year. Prove you can win something, then we can talk.”

Score: 24-34, UL


Prediction: “Think the defense shows up for a while but the offense continues to sputter.”

Score: 24-37, UL


Prediction: “Malik Cunningham will probably look like a Heisman contender as FSU’s woes continue. I have a hard time picking FSU to win any more on this schedule, outside of UMass.”

Score: 23-34, UL


Prediction: “I think that we are so in our heads that there’s just no way we can get out.”

Score: 10-27, UL


Prediction: “I just don’t think we are in the best place right now.”

Score: 28-38, UL


Prediction: “Maybe if we bet against them they’ll pick it up? I don’t know anymore, send help.”

Score: 17-34, UL

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-Ed Kennedy

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